The Soekershof

The “seekers’ courtyard” is a private garden brimming with trees that stand as natural sculptures in the sky alongside aloes, succulents and euphorbias. All nestled together in the picturesque landscape of Klaasvoogds. Since its fledgling years, the garden has grown into a sanctuary of natural beauty. It features hundreds of different species of succulent plants - cacti included. More than half of these succulents originate from Southern Africa. Pathways meander through the different gardens, while a diverse and colorful selection from the over 200 bird species in the region dart and flitter in every direction.

Its history

The genesis of the garden began in the 1950’s. An avid plant collector, Marthinus Malherbe amassed an amazing array of cactus seeds from the Americas that Molly planted and nurtured to create a oneof-a-kind garden in South Africa for that day and time.

As is often the fate of a garden, when ownership changes so does the garden. After years of neglect, the garden was resurrected and expanded due to the passion of a Dutch couple, Yvonne and Herman van Bon who came to live on Soekershof in 2000. Eventually, the public was invited to walk in wonderment throughout the grounds.


New vitality & vision

2011 along with new owners Monika and Axel ushered in a fresh era filled with vitality and vision. A careful and thoughtful integration of the wide spectrum of Western Cape architectural periods and vernacular styles existing on the site was the main goal. Divergent architectural styles and the gardens filled with unique plants were restructured to create a very contemporary whole. A complete ensemble of the senses: SIGHT, HEARING, TASTE, TOUCH and SMELL can be enjoyed by the guest of MO & ROSE’S WINE BISTRO, GUEST HOUSE and NURSERY.